We have built our business largely on hard work and word of mouth; we think we're doing a pretty good job at keeping customers happy but don't take our word for - read what our customers have to say:

Amir and Gabe have created an establishment which strikes the perfect balance between value, service and quality. Before Grounded came into my life, I was never satisfied with any lunch locations. In fact, you would often hear me complaining about the lack of good quality lunch establishments in downtown Ottawa. Since discovering Grounded I have become a regular customer who looks forward to finding out Gabe's daily lunch specials, and being greeted by Amir's genuine hospitality. Grounded is now the restaurant which sets the bar for me when it comes to the perfect lunch spot. I may go to other places, but I always say "...it's no Grounded".
Arash Hashemi

The day after my wedding, I wanted to hold a luncheon for the many guests who had flown in from overseas to attend. I immediately thought of the Grounded team, as I had been very impressed with the food at a recent boutique opening they had catered. With so much of my time taken up planning the wedding itself, organizing yet another event seemed like a daunting task. Luckily, Amir and his team made the process pain-free. I presented them with my modest budget, a rough idea of what I would like, and left the rest to them. The day of the party arrived, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result. The servers were courteous and professional, and the spread far exceeded my expectations. From the savory roast beef hand carved on request, to the sumptuous fruit crepes, the fresh vegetable and chèvre frittata, and the home-baked pastries, each offering was a perfect marriage of simplicity and decadence. It was an afternoon I, and my guests, would be talking about for a long time!

If I had to do it over again, I would not only hire Amir and his team for the brunch, but I would have them cater the wedding, too.

Mila Kingsbury

Grounded Kitchen & Coffee House catered the 2010 Karsh Award evening organized by the City of Ottawa. The menu included a tasty and creative variety of canapés and other platters. Amir and his team made a great effort to serve a full house of 120 people at the Karsh-Masson Gallery. The awards ceremony was a success and we’d like to thank Grounded for their flexibility and hard work!
Adrija McVicar, City of Ottawa

I have known Amir a few months as a regular customer, for breakfast, lunch and for late evening soirees that Grounded hosted for a number of the teams I work with at EDC. His attention to detail and ability to make every guest feel welcome made for pleasant evenings, while he and his team maintain the highest standards of food, service and attention to detail.
Deepak Dave - EDC

I have quickly become a repeat customer in all of the above areas for many reasons which I am happy to list for you: Amir puts a great deal of attention and care to whatever he does. This is reflected not only in the food that he serves but the service you receive both within his premises and when dealing with his business as a caterer. He brings to the table a lot of creativity in his dishes that he makes and goes above and beyond to ensure his customers are satisfied. I had the pleasure to host over 4 receptions in his restaurant as well order food from his catering service throughout the year. Each and every time I have utilized his service, colleagues alongside with me have inquired not only where the food came from but also commented that they would become customers of his as well given the level of attention to detail, quality of the food, great taste and service.
Justine Hendricks - EDC



"Grounded is awesome, very NYC/ Soho like...love the use of the mismatched furniture/ and the reconstruction/giving a second life to oldermaterials. Love the touches of the fun books (album cover art, for example)...the service from all staff is great, the food is awesome - great quality, comforting home cooked, and I would change anything on the presentation."

- Marissa van der Velden

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