Breakfast Coffees and Their Routine

The internet presents a dizzying variety of options on marrying fat content with coffee. Opinions on the goodness or badness of  saturated fats and their effect on your metabolism are widely varied. If you are following a strict diet, or dealing with a lactose intolerance then follow your prescribed intake, by all means. Similarly, if a personal philosophy drives you to not ingest animal products, power to you (I also have almond milk in stock). My feelings on coffee fall largely inside the cup rather than outside of it. I like to extract espresso with a high dosage of coffee to give it good body, and pour a high fat content milk or cream over that espresso to give it creamy finish. I think that the finished product of what we eat or drink is important and that a breakfast coffee is a perfect start to the morning.

Everything in moderation: coffee, fats, and intense socio-economic brooding about agriculture and the dairy industry included.

I say enjoy your morning routine and minimize the excess. Most people have had those days where, seven or eight cups of coffee in, the jitters creep into our hands and tunnel vision starts to work its way into the corners of our sight. I’ve had many of those days, as a barista and as a carpenter, and have largely left them behind me. Now I try to focus on the quality of the espresso or flat-white that I drink, and have only a couple of them per day. I take the time to read a short story or listen to a podcast while I drink it and let the problems of the world drift away from me. When I am engaged and thinking actively I have time and patience to compare different news sources and to do independent research on the problems of the world, but this cannot be all the time. If I am tobe a caring and thoughtful individual who is driven by positive emotion I need to spend some time in petty and flavourful meditation. If that time is spent with a lovely coffee and Stephen Fry reading me Harry Potter books, all the better.

Full flavour often means full fat. Good butter and cheese, creamy coffee and dark-red wine are some of life’s greatest pleasures. In moderation, they enhance your life and invigorate your personality. The fat in the milk of coffee will help to counteract the acidity of the coffee itself and provide your body with some proteins to counteract the caffeine crash which often follows the boost that the drink provides. The drink itself is balanced in a practical sense, and I think this nicely mirrors a balance in routine that drinking good coffee can provide. A moment for oneself in the morning where relaxation brings energy and projects you forth into the day. If there’s anything I can do to facilitate that moment for you, please, pop by and let me know. I’ll be here with a coffee machine.



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