Evolution of Coffee @ Grounded

Here at Grounded, serving a good cup of joe is imperative to us, and we’ve gone the extra mile to do so. Coffee is a way of life, and we take it seriously. This summer was a turning point for our coffee. We shifted our focus on producing not just a good cup of joe, but the best coffee in Ottawa. Ambitious, I know. But when it comes to good coffee, anything is possible! By finding roasters who share the same passion for their product as we do, we have changed our coffee offerings to bring you some really exciting stuff! Let me officially introduce you to our new coffee suppliers: Detour and De Mello Palheta. We’re pretty excited to have coffee from these great roasters at Grounded, and we’re confident you’ll feel the same way.

Originating out of a back alley in Dundas, Ontario, Detour has been around since 2009 and serves as one of Canada’s earliest specialty coffee roasters. They work hand-in-hand with coffee producers to source nothing but the highest quality beans around the world. Their dedication to producing high quality coffee is mesmerizing, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Detour family! Come check out their notorious Punch Buggy espresso here at Grounded… best served as a cappy!

Much of the same can be said about De Mello Palheta. Born and raised in Toronto, De Mello is a micro-roaster dedicated to sourcing and roasting coffee of the highest quality. Taking the time to cup each batch of roasted beans, these guys don’t allow for any imperfections and continually bring the best cup of joe to the table! We’re proud to serve De Mello on a regular basis as our filtered coffee. If we haven’t sold you yet, come by and taste the difference that a passion for coffee like De Mello’s makes!

At the end of the day, we’re not doing anything radical here at Grounded to produce the best coffee in Ottawa. Good coffee is dependent on passion, discipline, and consistency (in addition to good beans)! Every detail of the coffee making process is important to us, and we take the proper steps to produce nothing but the best.

So come on in, and let's talk coffee.

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