"Purple Cow" 5-Course Dinner for Two + Wine (Takeout)

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"Purple Cow" 5-Course Dinner for Two + Wine (Takeout)

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Custom 5-course dinner for two with a bottle of wine;
Fine dining at it's best, with a completely grounded feel. Allow us to prepare the menu based on creativity, with local ingredients and inspiration. Simply tell us what you don't like (or if you have any allergies), and leave the rest to us! You can even request a theme such as BBQ; seafood; plant-based; regionally-focused; or just something that you love to eat. Whatever you want, we've got you covered!

The dinner is served "blind" meaning, once you've told us your points from above; we take it from there. While we prefer to serve these in-store, we are unable to do so during the April Shutdown. But we still love creating them, and will pack them up for you to enjoy the unique experience at home!

Note: These meals are prepared from scratch, so please order with a MINIMUM 48-HOUR NOTICE.

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