Individual Boxed Lunch (Large Salad)

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Individual Boxed Lunch (Large Salad)

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Your Choice of Salad:

  • Niçoise - Olive oil poached albacore tuna, boiled egg, olives, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and herbed vinaigrette
  • Dan Mancuso Salad (GF) (DF)* - Power greens, potato, grilled asparagus, pickled beets, chicken
  • Super Food Salad - Kale, beets, sweet potatoes, avocado, roasted almonds, Gojie berries, quinoa, honey-tahini dressing

Add your choice of cookie, brownie or Suzy Q Doughnut! ($3)

(GF) = Gluten Free
(DF) = Dairy Free

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